Marketing is a fascinating field  and in today’s digital world, it is constantly changing.  Real Estate Marketing is of particular interest to me because it is such an expansive field.  I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience it from the ground up, and grown with it, into the digital age.

Real Estate Marketing

From website content to social media, I specialize in personalizing your presence.

Everyday you are bombarded by social media, content and SEO marketing offers.  Everyone promises the moon for the price of a “cup of coffee”.

Do they value you?  Do they consider you special ? I do.

Each client I work with gets my personalized attention.  I research their field, their area, and their specialties.

When I first began in digital marketing it was in the SEO field so as a result I have learnt the importance in incorporating SEO in content.

My specialty is ensuring that each client has unique and relevant content that adds value.  Whether it is website content, or social media postings, it is never canned.